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Teresa Vitale
Painting (faux finishes, furniture, hand-painted canvas, walls, moldings, architectural elements, etc......)

I’m a self-taught artist for over thirty years. I have been creating original one-of-a-kind art on a wide variety of surfaces. My work can be found in numerous commercial & residential establishments in central NY. I thrive on creating art on walls, furniture, fireplace surrounds, architectural moldings, wallpaper, and trompe l’oeil murals, to name just a few. While some of my work is designed on fixed surfaces such as walls, most of it is “transportable” which allows it to be carried with the owner even if they move. My newest endeavor along these lines is the creation of my surface designs on wallpaper that can be painted off-site, installs as easily as wallpaper, and can even be removed and brought to another location if the owner so desires. This collection is comprised of hand-painted wallpapers with companion architectural elements such as pillars, moldings, fireplace surrounds, knobs, etc. My passion for old world art, architectural elements, gardening, nature, is evident in the wide variety of subject matter I create. For me, art is life and life is art. I grew up in Porto Empedocle in Sicily where art was and is a way of life. Now I live in a 172-year-old farm house which feeds me with inspiration each and every day.

I am including a few slideshows below that show my journey with each different application, on various surfaces and styles of homes where I have had the pleasure of working. I have been so fortunate to have clients who have given me the opportunity to create romantic atmosphere in their home. It's just Magic!

Click on the images below & it will take you to slideshows on many different projects, where I used a variety of techniques with faux-painting and more. Working with, acrylics, oils, plasters, varnishes, bronze powders, silver and gold leaf or anything new old of art supplies that I discover.

Faux -washes


Faux Stone

Faux Plaster

Faux Stripe

Faux Leather





Dry-Brush painting